UPDATE: Local Foods, Local Jobs Act DERAILED

The opponents of the ‘Local Foods, Local Jobs’ Act have successfully derailed local foods from being fairly considered.  Although it is technically scheduled for a hearing tomorrow afternoon, this effectively sets the bill up for failure because it will die on the calendar as tomorrow is the last day of the 2011 session.  However, it is only appropriate that we continue to make our case of the importance of this bill to the House Agriculture Committee.

Your support and action is needed as soon as possible to let your representatives know how important this bill is and how disappointed we all are that it isn’t getting a fair hearing.

IT’S NOT TOO LATE! Email your representative know to let them know how you feel about this set back. (See committee email addresses and phone numbers below).


More info on the bill: This bill would have made it easier for local food growers to sell baked goods, jams and jellies, spices, and dehydrated fruits and vegetables to Colorado families. It also would have boosted entrepreneurial opportunities and increased the availability of fresh, nutritious foods.

While expanding access to local foods, Senate Bill 11-258 also would have maintained important safety standards such as extensive labeling regulations and requiring products to be sold by growers directly to consumers on farms, at farmers markets, or through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) organizations.

We were looking to this bill to:

  • Support entrepreneurs and encourage job growth
  • Allow consumers the freedom to purchase products made with quality ingredients grown by local farmers
  • Promote Colorado agritourism
  • Allow local growers to be more profitable by utilizing surplus production

It’s a win-win for farmers and families! MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD REGARDING ITS DERAILMENT!

1) To read a copy of the bill, CLICK HERE.

2) To find your district’s Senator and Representative CLICK HERE

3) To find your Colorado State Senator & Representative’s contact information CLICK HERE

4) You can email the whole committee using these addresses:
jerry@repsonnenberg.com, marshalooper@gmail.com, randy.baumgardner@gmail.com, repmattjones@gmail.com, roger.wilson.house@state.co.us,don.coram.house@state.co.us, brownjpaul@yahoo.comglenn.vaad.house@state.co.usray.scott.house@state.co.us, wes.mckinley.house@state.co.us, su.ryden.house@state.co.us, edward.vigil.house@state.co.us, randyfischer@frii.com

5) You can call them individually to make your voice heard:
Rep. Sonnenberg: 303-866-3706
Rep. Looper: 303-866-2946
Rep. Baumgardner: 303-866-2949
Rep. Jones: 303-866-2920
Rep. Wilson: 303-866-2398
Rep. Coram (co-sponsor of bill): 303-866-2955
Rep. Brown: 303-866-2914
Rep. Vaad: 303-866-2943
Rep. Scott: 303-866-3068
Rep. McKinley: 303-866-2398
Rep. Ryden: 303-866-2942
Rep. Vigil (co-sponsor of bill): 303-866-2916
Rep. Fischer: 303-866-2917


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