Menu for the Pinyon Dinner RSVP today

Check out this fabulous menu for our Slow Food Winter Celebration Dinner at                 The Pinyon- Monday, Jan 16th at 6:30 pm.

There are just a few spots left at the table… please come and join us.                                 RSVP today to

First Course-
-Allan Benton’s Smoky Country Ham vs. La Quercia Speck
-Preserved Fruits and Vegetables
-Fresh Pulled Mozzarella, herb salads, grilled flat bread

Second Course-
-Carolina Risotto, pumpkin, chevre, pomegranate, spiced pumpkin  seeds, grilled chicories, gingerbread crumbs
-Crispy Brussels Sprouts, Old bay corn flakes, peanuts, mint vinaigrette

Third Course-
-Fried Chicken, house made bourbon barrel cured maple syrup, heirloom cornmeal flapjacks
-Roasted Tender belly suckling pig, green apple “mostarda”, heirloom grits.
-Roasted root salad, tarragon, mint, smoked egg, pear, farro, horseradish

Fourth Course-
Apple Pie

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