Raising a kid is a tough job which needs 24×7 attention of the parents.  Parents should have a plan to shape their kids’ character.  They should promote confidence in their kids and make them ready to face the world with assertiveness.  Only parents can present their kids with Confidence.

Appreciate the child no matter if they win or lose

Encourage the child to try on everything they come across.  Swipe the feeling of embarrassment with assertive words that they are bright and outstanding and they are capable of doing great things.  Talk to them and listen to their version.

Show that you are loving your child and ensure him that whatever happens you will be at their side and teach your child to be assertive on whatever happens.

Allowing the child to express their feelings

The child should be allowed to express both positive and negative expressions. If a child is so afraid to speak out what he is having in mind, he will allow resentment in all his future relationships.  So, the parents should encourage him to speak out confidently what he needs or what he wants.

Failure to speak will have its own negative effect on the kid’s life.

encourage sports

Child’s assertions should be respected

Parents should respect the child’s feelings.  What we feel ridiculous may be very important to the kid and if a child sets a boundary, it is important to respect that and the child should not be punished, threatened and get embarrassed because of that.

Encourage sports

A team sport is the best way of building confidence in a child.  Through a team, he can know the difference between rudeness and assertiveness.  They will work for a common goal and learn to be assertive.

Encourage to make decisions

Educate your child to play it safe and allow them to make their own decisions.  If they make a mistake, allow them to learn from their mistakes.  Don’t label them as good or bad, it will create a negative impact on their self-esteem.

Handling negative emotions and disappointments

One of the main aspects while raising assertiveness is teaching the child how to handle negative emotions.  The child should be taught how to show his negative emotions and disappointments in a respectful and pleasant manner.

Be a model assertiveness

A child is observing what the parents do.  You can be a model and be assertive in your behavior in all circumstances.  The most appropriate assertive training for teens will be this, so your child can follow your footprints.

Teaching the child with assertiveness makes them be considerate towards others while being successful themselves.  Assertiveness allows them to be confident and compassionate.