Physical activity is very important to everyone, especially kids.  It promotes inner strength, self-esteem, self-discipline, and improves our vision to achieve our goal.  Kids love to play and sports is a great way of transforming their energy for something greater.

Lack of motivation is most probably due to either being discouraged and doesn’t know about sports.

If we begin to recognize the sport the child is interested in, we can able to motivate child to try harder in sports.

Picking the sports

One should not force their wishes on their children.  Allow the kids to pick his own favorite sport.  This will motivate the child to do well in sports.

Don’t push

Motivate the kid without being pushed too hard.  If you are too pushy, they will resist more.

Outside Practice

Train them outside only if the kids accept the offer, but don’t demand them.  It will often pressurize them.  If the child says no, drop it and come again with it another time.

try harder in sports

Notice the Hard Work

Be reasonable.  Over praising annoy him and also make him lazy.

Watching the game

Take the child to the game show so that he can observe the game.

Read the Rules

Give the child rule book to study the sport.

Play with the child

Teach your kid the fun and tricks of the sport.  Let make him enjoy the sport.

Celebrate victories and failures

Celebrate victories and failures of your child.  Victories will make him physically great and failures will make him grow towards success.  No matter whatever the final results, stand by him.

Answering the questions

Drills may be frustrating for a young player.  So, it is important to clarify how the drills can help him to achieve his goals.  Make him understandable about the game and the essentials of practice.


Set the goals that can be accomplished by the young player in terms of his age and ability.

Team Work

Encourage players to know one another and engage in team-building activities.

Be Relaxed

Allow them to relax and pursue their interests other than sports. This will encourage your kid in sports.  Pushing will make them worn out.

In sports, the balance should be maintained.  Sport is not a job for the child, so proper nutrition and rest are essential for success.  Try to understand the child as a person; this will certainly motivate the young athletes.